Shopwarehousedirect.com is committed to making sure that the best acceptable standards of practice are maintained in everything that we do and this privacy policy is meant to bring to the surface our professional readiness and willingness to respect your privacy and provide protection to any of your personal information that you may share with us.

Once again, all personal information is collected, held and used in strict compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and our visitors on this website-Shopwarehousedirect.com should rest assured that privacy and confidentiality will always be upheld.

Information Collected

Shopwarehousedirect.com collects personal information from visitors to its website only for the purpose of facilitating the delivery of service.

It is for that reason that we highly appreciate each and every precious moment of your time, custom and attention by monitoring every visit you make. We thank you.

Further use of Information

The information collected may be used to contact you for further details where necessary and also in case of introducing you to new Shopwarehousedirect.com products, promotions and  services. How you choose to respond is something in your gift. Should you demand that we stop immediately sending you information via your e-mail address, so it shall be.

Third Party Disclosure: You are our customer and any personal information about you will not be passed to other organizations barring criminal investigations.

Data Security

Shopwarehousedirect.com takes responsibility to safeguard the information it holds from unauthorized access.  Shopwarehousedirect.com enforces a strict internal security policy with which members of staff must comply as a condition of employment and no external access to the system is permitted or allowed.

Should there ever be a need for the information we hold to be shared on the orders of the court of law, any third parties to whom information is transferred will be reminded of the Data Security guidelines and to demand caution regarding the transferred information.

Credit Card Transactions

Shopwarehousedirect.com does not store your Credit Card information at all. All transactions are appropriately encrypted to safeguard your data. We have invested heavily in financial data protection and encryption. As a result, all credit card data transmission during purchase is encrypted and nothing stored on our system.

Shopwarehouse uses Global Iris a third party payment gateway to process all transactions.

Shopwarehousedirect.com website is not targeted at any children. Where it is discovered that a child misrepresented himself / herself the parents will be informed.

Further Enquiries

If you require further information please send us mail to info@shopwarehousedirect.com or call us during office hours on 0203 371 1175